Terms & condition

For Sellers :

  1. Please ensure you disclose the exact condition of the product with respect to
    1. Used/ Unused
    2. Stained
    3. Any crack/ Marks 
    4. Any Missing parts
    5. Any other defect we should be aware of Picture of the above defects if any to be sent mandatorily .
  2. Should the product not live up to its image, we reserve the right to void the sale and return the product at your cost.
  3. Once complete details have been provided as above, if your item is accepted as fit to list by us, it will go up on our Instagram page. On average an item takes anything between 10 – 45 days to be listed and sold.
  4. Once sale is confirmed our team member shall contact you to collect the item and collect necessary details to complete the financial transaction for the same. All the above shall be completed within 5-12 working days. 
  5. You can expect a response from us within 3 business days
  6. Each product shared / listed on Twice Treasured should not be listed on any other social media platforms / links / websites etc

What cannot be sold?

  1. Used Bottles
  2. Used open systems Breast pumps
  3. Items below Rs 500 as its not feasible to bear delivery costs for low value product sales . You can choose to add another product with it and sell together at a minimum  of Rs 500 or should you still want to go ahead with low value listing do consult us on the same. 
  4. When listing shoes kindly enclose the picture of the sole along with other images. We accept new as well as gently worn shoes, the images are therefore very essential. Please share an image of the shoe size tag as well.
  5. Used Clothes, Only new clothes with the price tag will be listed. If it is a sealed pack, please open and send us individual vidoes of the same by taking a video of opening the seal.
  6. Used Creams/ Body hygiene relate products 

For Buyers

  1. All purchases will be facilitated through our Instagram platform. Orders are confirmed once full payment is received.
  2. Twice Treasured is a reselling platform and as such will not be held responsible for any kind of guarantee, warranty, reliability of any kind for the product sold.
  3. We do not accept Returns. All sales are final.


  1. We guarantee your privacy - Sellers & Buyers in the portal will be anonymous
  2. We reserves the right to list/de-list/amend listing/extend listing for any product any time after giving prior notice/intimation to buyer or seller.
  3. Description of product is given as per seller and their experience. We are not affiliated with any brand displayed on @shopwticetreasured as well as on Facebook or our website. ‘Twice Treasured is a second-hand market place for baby gear. All trademarks & product details are the property of their respective brands/companies.
  4. We will not be liable for breach of terms & conditions or non-performance (partial or complete) of its obligations or delays, due to any cause beyond its control and not due to its own negligence and which cannot be overcome by the exercise of due diligence to the extent caused by or arising from prohibition or restriction of law or regulation of any Government fire, flood, storms, weather, strike, lock-out, accident, riots, epidemics, Acts of God or such other events. 
  5. We will not be able to sell your product if you have not assented unconditionally to our Terms and Conditions.